Please Pray for Bolivia

After losing support of the military, Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned, along with his Vice President and top leadership. His supporters are blaming Evangelicals, looking up pastors and torching churches. Our national church president has called for prayer meetings, which could also put our pastors in danger. Tonight, a curfew has been set for midnight which should put a stop to midnight raids. Please pray for peace and for the protection of our churches and people.

Annual Harvest Offering 2019

Download a printable poster here. How would you describe an average Christian? In the year 1800, the foremost descriptor would have been “white,” as 99% of Christians worldwide lived in Europe and North America. Today, however, there is a fundamental shift happening. In 1980, the scales tipped, and the Global South began to outnumber Christians in the Global North. An article published by the World Economic Forum states that “By 2060, six of the world's 10 largest Christian countries will be in Africa.” Christianity is also on the rise in Latin America and Asia. The World Mission Board sees this shift as a door of opportunity. Where once missions planning was centered around the leadership

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