New Converts in Cayman Brac

Dr. Gayle Woods recently wrote about a guest who attended Sunday morning service in January. Afterwards, the lady who brought him to church mentioned he had been baptized. Dr. Woods said baptism was wonderful and he was glad, but asked the man if he had ever asked God to forgive his sins. He had not, but wanted to. Those still present gathered to pray, and soon a new name was written down in glory. The man now attends a weekly Bible study with Dr. Woods to learn the basics of being a believer. Please pray for Handel, as well as Ula, Myrna, and Danny who have also been saved under Dr. Woods’ ministry. Pray also for Gayle and his wife Micki as they disciple these new believers.

"Peace...which I never had before"

Abram* gave his testimony at the 2019 Ghana Convention: “I am Abram, a native Muslim by birth. Since I was born into that family, they say it is a must that I stay as a Muslim, else they will disown me. But I never ever have peace with myself and God anytime I perform prayers to Allah. I was like being forced to pray and love Allah. This haunted me for a long time. “My dealings with the Christians in the village always gave me joy, and I believe Jesus was calling me to come to light and have peace. I gave my life to Jesus, and this has been met with a lot of hostility towards me; they threaten me with death, persecution here and there. I nearly gave up on my salvation because of their incess

Ghana Convention 2019

In late December, the village churches in Ghana gathered for their annual Convention at the “mother church”—the first village church, started 10 years before in 2009 and the closest church to town. In spite of the harmattan blowing in dust from the Sahara Desert, and in spite of the danger of bushfires razing a farmer’s field before it is harvested, sister church members left their homes and traveled to attend. Churches rented lorries, or trucks, so their members could go. Adults, youth, children, and elderly members all made the trip, with the greatest number being young people. Some from the most remote village traveled 50 miles on poor roads. Highlights of the three-day gathering included

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