Money Matters

Where does the money go? This is a question that we all ask, and it’s very relevant in our situation with our monthly budget, and we want to be transparent. The biggest chunk goes toward our ministry and living expenses (including taxes). Another large chunk goes toward health insurance that works anywhere in the world. Thankfully we haven’t needed to use it in PNG/Australia recently, but it has been a blessing in the past and here on furlough. We also contribute to a retirement plan, and Wycliffe and COGH World Missions use a small percentage of what we raise to provide services that we need and constantly use. Like everyone else, all that we have belongs to God, and we aim to be good stewa

COVID-19 and Missions

Does a national pandemic affect the work of World Missions? The answer, of course, is yes. While we rest in the knowledge that God is in control of all things, we ask you to pray for the following: Pray for a family who had to return from their work in Asia because the spring semester at their school was postponed indefinitely. Pray for a family in Europe who began their summer furlough early and is uncertain how this illness will affect their ministry. Pray for trips and events planned by the World Mission Board. A trip to Ghana is being postponed, and the Board is considering whether to proceed with plans for the October Global Conference in Bolivia.

New Christians in Myanmar

After graduating from Shiloh Bible College in Myanmar in 2018, John moved the following year to a Hmong village in eastern Myanmar where only two Christian families lived. John’s desire was to plant a church there. The Hmong people are thought to have moved from the Yellow River basin in China in centuries past; today, the Hmong can be found in Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and eastern Myanmar. Their beliefs and practices are as textured as the intricate embroidery long practiced by Hmong women. Traditions include hand-sewn clothing for their new year, love songs marking the various stages of their weddings, and a funeral song designed to guide the soul of the deceased back to its ancestors so

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