Bringing Good from the Bad

Why does God allow bad things to happen? In December of 1995 I struggled with that question. I cried many nights, waiting on the Lord to give me an answer that would make sense. But I never got one. Eventually, I accepted the circumstances, but it was not without troubling feelings of anger, deception, and betrayal. I felt deserted and abandoned. These feelings were not only triggered by the fact that my parents were separating, but by the fact that God almighty did nothing to fix the situation. My mother prayed, she cared for others, she gave herself to God’s purpose, and she served in the local church. I felt like God owed it to her to solve our troubles. But He didn’t. Things got worse. D

Evacuating Europe

A family who works among an unreached people group in Southeastern Europe evacuated on one of the last flights out of their city in March. Back in the U.S., they ask for prayer: Pray for their emotional healing after experiencing several traumatic events on the field prior to their departure. These included a major earthquake with 100s of aftershocks and the death of a 4-year-old boy. Ask the Father to provide closure; they left many relationships without being able to say goodbye. Pray for future direction as their return has been postponed a few months. Pray for the new Christians in this people group. God is working! The family is able to still communicate some with them via Facetime.

Haiti Contends with COVID-19

When Director Mark Surbrook spoke with Pastor Samson by phone in June, he heard a cough. Pastor Samson admitted that he most likely had fought the coronavirus, later writing that he had experienced all the symptoms, but there is so little testing available in Haiti that it was not confirmed. As of June 10, the Haiti Health Ministry had confirmed over 3,600 cases of COVID-19, but with only two labs able to conduct tests, the number is likely much higher. We are grateful to God for Pastor Samson’s return to health. Please join us in praying for the Haitian people, who must now face this in addition to many other challenges. We were glad to share a gift of $2500 for Pastor Samson to provide foo

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