September 12, 2019

The month of August began with deep sorrow.  Wednesday night, July 31, Jude Walton of the Spot Bay church went home to the Lord.  Jude had a kidney transplant 20 years ago which was failing.  He was waiting word to see if his wife, Laura, would be an acceptable donor....

July 5, 2019

June 10th was the Queen’s birthday. Actually, it wasn’t—her birthday was April 21st. But in the Cayman Islands we have a national holiday on the second Monday of June to celebrate her birthday. We thought we ought to do something special for the Queen; so we had an ind...

February 13, 2019

Sunday night, January 20, as I was preaching, I heard a large clap of thunder.  Then I heard what I thought was a downpour of rain hitting the roof of the church.  No one else seemed to notice, and so I immediately dismissed it as I continued to preach.  After the serv...

January 23, 2019

Dr. Gayle Woods and Micki attended several local Christmas events in Cayman Brac, including the primary school’s program, the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting, and Captain’s Retreat Christmas Lighting at the historic Spellman McLaughlin home.

 Christmas lights at the Spel...

September 19, 2018

Director Mark Surbrook and Board member Bob Thompson, Jr., traveled to the Cayman Islands in July for two important services to celebrate the new pastors in Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman.

The first service was Friday evening, July 27, in Cayman Brac. Gayle and Micki Wood...

July 27, 2018

July was filled with busy ministry days in the Cayman Islands.

First, there were Teen Challenge and Vacation Bible School in Red Bay. Then, the third week of July, David and Zenia traveled back to the Brac to help with VBS there.

On Thursday night, Zenia taught the lesso...

July 13, 2018

When Gayle and Micki Woods accepted the call to pastor the congregations in Cayman Brac, Gayle’s father accepted that he would be making an international move at 100 years of age!

Born during World War I, Lester has seen many changes in his lifetime. In fact, if there i...

May 2, 2018

Thank you for your prayers for Gayle and Micki Woods as they pack, sell their house, and make plans to move from California to the Cayman Islands this summer.

The church in Cayman Brac has asked World Missions to be responsible for a small portion of the Woods’ total mo...

April 4, 2018

Sometimes following God’s will brings a person full circle in a way they could have never dreamed.

After a blessed and fulfilling ministry in Cayman Brac, David and Zenia Woods felt God leading them in March to accept the call to pastor the Red Bay church in Grand Cayma...

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