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Pearls of Great Price

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Five men gathered in prayer here in Q last week. I’m certain they appeared a rather odd group to those who passed by. First of all, there was a white man among them, bowing his head and holding hands with the others standing in the circle. The second man was older, like the white man, and terribly skinny. He, Isaka, had a lucrative gold mining job but left the job in the south to heed his call to seek a commodity of infinite more value than gold -- souls. In addition, there was a nearly blind man (Richard) whose handicap hinders him in various ways yet seems in no way to diminish the gifts of communication that God placed upon him for the Gospel’s sake. Certainly out of place with these older men was George, who, though a recent graduate with an accounting degree, demonstrates purity in his life so seldom seen in this culture, and he preaches Christ quite effectively. . . .


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