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Experiencing Ghana

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A dirt house has electricity, and a Coca-Cola sign hangs outside. A solar-powered street light stands in the middle of a village where a tin roof is a luxury. A nomad riding a camel takes pictures of the Americans with his cell phone. Northern Ghana contains many contrasts.

Children with sometimes ill-fitting or few clothes give big smiles. Christians with few earthly goods sing and dance for Jesus. A church of subsistence farmers presents a generous gift—a goat and 50 lbs. of maize—to the guests. The people of northern Ghana will not be soon forgotten.

From March 7-19, four people traveled to Ghana to visit the Gowins and to minister in the villages—Director Steve Elsey, Oleta Witt, Penny Fairman, and Bill Lee (pictured top right).

Director Steve preached in various locations and dedicated the new church building at village Qgu. Bill Lee brought special soccer balls made with the colors of the gospel, and he presented these at each village; he and Steve also built benches for the Christians at Qgb. Oleta Witt, an RN, provided medical care to villagers, and Penny Fairman assisted Oleta and made friends quickly with her neck rubs for the ladies.

Enduring the heat of the dry season, befriending children who are fascinated with white skin and freckles, meeting villagers who burn incense to idols, camping out overnight in a village: the variety of experiences and ministry opportunities combined to make a trip that was interesting, profitable, and unforgettable.

Thank you for your prayers for the travelers!


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