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Bible Translation: 50/50 Campaign

Download the June issue of The Harvest Times.

Is Bible translation important? You be the judge:

  • The first Bible translation occurred about 200 years before Jesus’ birth when the Septuagint (a Greek version of the Old Testament) was made available for Jews who no longer used the original languages. Many Old Testament quotes in the New Testament are from this version.

  • Our own English Bible was bought by martyr’s blood. Other translation work had been done in the past, but in the 1500s William Tyndale saw the need for an English Bible that even a commoner could understand. He translated the Bible from the original languages into English and paid for this “treasonous” act by being strangled and burned at the stake.

Although most people today can read a Bible in a second language, the true meaning of the scriptures is lost. Mr. Muuda Joseph*, after attending a workshop on the Gospel of Mark in the Lugwere language in Uganda, was thrilled, saying, “This is the best day in my life. I now feel like ‘God is a Mugwere.’ His Word speaks to me more clearly than I have ever felt before.”

Larry & Christy Doyle have a burden to see the Bible translated into the heart languages of people in Papua New Guinea. They have plans to return to the field this summer, but their travel is being delayed at least 2-3 months. First, they need 100% of their ministry funds pledged.

To complete their funding, the Doyles need 50 people to donate $50 per month over the next four years—that’s only $12.50 per week.

Will you partner with them? The congregational offerings they receive go primarily toward home assignment and return travel expenses. More pledges of support are needed!

Thank you for every prayer and any monthly or one-time donations; your support is vital to spreading the Truth.

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