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Translation Milestones in PNG

Solos translators in 2015

How important do you think it is for people to have the Bible in their heart language? The Doyles considered it worth living in a bamboo house in a remote village in Papua New Guinea from 2011-2013.

While they lived in Tung, Larry assisted the Solos people by helping train and mobilize a translation team. These Solos translators considered it worth devoting much time and effort to a project that would take several years to complete.

Although Larry and Christy now live on the mainland and have additional responsibilities, Larry still serves as an advisor for the project.

When Larry visited the Solos people earlier this year, he was able to perform an advisor check over the last eight chapters of the book of Joshua. This was a detailed and slow process, averaging about two chapters a day, even though the translation had few real problems. But accuracy is important!

Now twelve chapters need to be village checked, and the whole book will be ready for an outside consultant to review—the final stage before publication. For the first time, the Solos people will have an entire book of the Bible in their heart language!

To read more, download the June issue of The Doyle Dispatch and The Harvest Times.

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