A Little Technology Help

October 27, 2017

Running a computer in a village with no connection to any sort of electrical grid is sometimes a challenge. When we lived in the village of Buka full-time, we had a house with a solar panel on the roof, as well as a battery, controller, and inverter to plug the computer into. Now that Larry is going to the village for shorter trips, it’s not practical to travel with a giant solar panel, heavy battery, and fragile controller.

One of our resident Language Technology Consultants solved this issue by letting us know about a small portable type of solar panel available online that works well for charging transformer-type tablet/laptops directly from the panel with a USB cable (long cable also purchased online). Thankfully we had purchased an 11-inch tablet/laptop as Christy’s primary computer while on furlough.


Larry’s September/October visit to Buka was the first chance to test this set-up, and it let him and the translation team work all day every day on the computer! The whole set-up travels well and weighs less than our ‘main’ laptop.



Prayer Corner



  • Technology that works!

  • New Testaments and Bible portions are being finished!

  • Safe travel to and from Buka Island.

  • A good school year so far for Christy as she teaches preschool


  • The Solos team as they need to do several translation steps in the coming months. Progress this year has been slow.

  • Pray for Lawrance & Amaziah to be diligent about their school work.

  • Ask the Lord for more managers to oversee projects and translation programs in the regions of PNG.

  • Wisdom in allocating new translation teams to languages with needs.


Read the entire November issue of The Doyle Dispatch.




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