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Spreading the Gospel in Spanish

In 1998, Rene Bardales and his wife, Lois, resigned from their active involvement in the ministry in Mexico. But Rene was not one to sit idly by, whiling away his retirement years.

In fact, he asked God how he could still be used, and he felt as if God gave him the question He had presented to Moses: “What is that in thine hand?” Rene saw his personal library of Bible commentaries and study aids, and God showed him a way these could be useful for the Kingdom.

From his many years on the mission field, Rene knew that there was sometimes a lack of training and resources for Spanish-speaking pastors. So he began writing sermons, Bible studies, and sermon outlines in Spanish for Christian workers.

By 2001, his ministry had grown to include sermon resources for 220 pastors in five countries, but that was only the beginning. In 2003, Rene began full-time work on this ministry, and today he is sending out resources to over 1,100 pastors and Christian workers in 17 countries.

As much as God used Rene Bardales in his younger years, it is quite possible that his ministry now in his “retirement” has had the furthest impact.

In countries like Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, and Spain, many pastors and thousands of church members are benefiting to the glory of the Father.

Download the February issue of The Harvest Times.

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