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Continued Ministry in Ukraine

--Campus of Zaporozhye Bible Seminary--

When Gordon and Nancy Snider first moved to Ukraine in 1996, the country was still shaking off the effects of years of Soviet control.

Zaporozhye Bible College was a new ministry effort to meet the needs of people who for years had longed for, and been denied, training for ministry. This meant that the student body included several who were in their 40s -60s.

Classes were taught in English and most often by guest teachers from the United States. Government corruption and a complex bureaucracy frequently created obstacles for the college.

All of the 80-100 students were full-time.

The Sniders played a key roll over the next 15 years as the institution transitioned to being Ukrainian-led and achieving accreditation.

Today, the scene is different. The student body is made up of college-aged young adults, and includes Bachelor’s and Master’s level courses for full-time and part-time students. Most of the teachers are Ukrainian graduates from the school. The government has pursued ethical practices and shown support for Protestant churches.

The ministry of Zaporozhye Bible Seminary, as it is called now, remains vital to the local church, training pastors and Sunday school teachers, who in turn train others about the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gordon and Nancy Snider, 2010


It is our privilege each year to contribute to the Snider Scholarship Fund, established in honor of Gordon and Nancy’s years of service in Ukraine, to benefit deserving and needy students. In January, we sent $2000 to Zaporozhye Bible Seminary for this purpose.


Conflict in eastern Ukraine continues, as does the ministry of some Bible college graduates, taking real risks and making a real-life difference by bringing food aid.

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