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Summer Ministry in Myanmar

The phrase “always keep busy working for the Lord” from 1 Corinthians 15:58 seems a fitting heading for the latest email update from Andrew Bawi Ceu in Myanmar. This report covered two of the three months when Shiloh Bible College is not in session, March and April.

Evangelism and Discipleship Training School—the three-month session training church planters—was currently in session and not even included in the update. Still, it is not hard to see that Andrew’s calendar is filled with ministry activities.

In March, college students participated in special mission trips, teaching children and young people during their summer holiday.

Two important events were held in April, the first being a spiritual retreat. Church planters from various locations and young people from the Mandalay church were invited. The missionaries’ Bible study focused on the vital importance of the Holy Spirit in ministry.

In mid-April, the churches held their annual Gospel Campaign at the same time as the Water Festival, a national holiday in Myanmar. The Water Festival is a New Year’s celebration with Buddhist origins; to some, the water symbolizes washing away the sins of the past year. Andrew likes to take advantage of this holiday to teach people about Jesus.

A Gospel Campaign was held during the Water Festival in Myanmar.

This year, about 120 people were expected to attend the Gospel Campaign, but 220 people showed up, including the children. People were separated into specific classes—two for children, one for Buddhists, one for young people, and a class on Christian living for believers.

Andrew was excited to report that, from these efforts, six Buddhists accepted Jesus as their Savior and were baptized!

Six new converts were baptized.

Shiloh Bible College began a new school year on June 1. And many church planters—13 of whom we help support—continue spreading the good news of God’s love throughout the country. Please continue praying for more people in Myanmar to learn about Jesus.


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