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We are so thankful for God’s great gift of salvation and His calling on all of us to serve in His kingdom. We are especially blessed that this calling takes us to another part of the world to do a specialized job.

We are also thankful to all of you who have stood by us and behind us on this journey—some for many years now, and a few from just weeks ago as we’ve had a chance to meet and share about the Kingdom work we are involved in.

Wycliffe and World Missions both require that we have pledges for our full budget before we are released to return to PNG. We currently have about 33% of the pledges needed.

Our travels and visits enable us to see many of you, and we’ve well started a list of who plans to partner for the next 5-year cycle. But, there are a number of you we haven’t seen yet. If you have been partnering with us, and plan to continue in prayer or finances, could you please let us or the World Missions office know?

Thank You!

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