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Haiti Work Progresses in Spite of Unrest

Despite everything we are going through in Haiti, we still cannot complain because we are serving a wonderful God. Every day we wake up with these words from the Bible in 1 Samuel 7:12, “Thus far the LORD has helped us.”

For a long time we have been living many dark days in Haiti. Situations are so stressful for every Haitian, whether you are Christian or not.

Churches, schools, government agencies, people, etc., have been victims of violence in many forms under the oppression of the armed gangs. Many schools, offices, and even people stayed in lock down for quite some time. That was very frustrating for everybody. Now, however, it is a little quieter, but an old habit used by the gangs resurfaces—kidnapping.

A month ago, our church at Delmas 6 was closed, both doors chained by the #1 gang’s leader, heavily armed. The reason was because we had denied a request to celebrate a funeral of the gang’s #2 leader, deceased. For that, our doors remained closed for a week or so until the guy decided to unchain the doors. What a shame!

Only God knows what will happen next. Every day in the streets you can feel the tension, no matter how calm it is. We are living in such a difficult time here.

Our request is for you not to forget Haiti in your prayers, please, because of this overwhelming situation.

We will continue our work no matter what, and remain grateful toward God, the World Mission Dept, and every single one of you who contributes to our advancement. Thanks to the late Dr. Burl McClanahan, we have a new classroom at the Dos Palais School. Also, a new church is being built at Platanal. Progress, progress, progress in this difficult time.

Photo: Unrest in Haiti last February, Facebook/Karen Bultje


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