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Back in the Swing of Things

Larry’s January trip out to Buka to reconnect with the Solos Bible translation teams was brief, but fruitful. He was able to get a good bit of work done, a little bit of training in, and have meaningful conversations with the people who are or will be involved in translation. He was also able to connect to an official in the Department of Education to start some long-term planning for local teacher training in coming years.

The older two boys, Lawrance II and Amaziah, were able to get started in the middle school here in January, too. There was some concern coming off of a year and a half of homeschooling, but they have fit right in and are doing well. Jacob had already gone directly into his class at the primary campus. All three boys are enjoying being back with their friends and classmates from previous years, as well as getting to know the “new kids” that have come while we were away.

Christy continues to focus on integrating our lives and belongings into our house, a task which was incomplete when we left in 2022, and only complicated by the things we brought with us from the USA this time. She has also resumed part-time work at the clinic, and is considering the possibility of one out of several other part-time roles as well. Balancing the things that can be done to help others with what needs to be done to stay healthy as an individual and as a family is not an easy process, so pray for wisdom.

We have a full slate of opportunities before us, so pray that we will be faithful in the things God leads us to do.



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