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Large Airstrike in Ukraine

Missionaries Gordon and Nancy Snider served at Zaporozhye Bible Seminary in Ukraine from 1996-2011. We continue to periodically support the seminary. Please consider whether you would like to make a donation for relief for Ukrainians affected by war.

Mark Mackey, founder of Zaporozhye Bible Seminary in Ukraine, shared a prayer request today. He writes:

"Our hearts are distressed this morning. We awoke to discover that the largest airstrike yet on Ukraine took place as we slept.  Cities and energy facilities all over Ukraine were severely hit. Residential areas were hit.  Even cities in central Ukraine, that used to be safer, were attacked during the night.  


"The hydroelectric dam in Zaporizhzhia [pictured above] -- the one we crossed hundreds of times during our nearly 30 years there -- was hit during the night, killing five people and injuring many.  The Zaporizhzhia dam supplies power down river to the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, Europe's largest nuclear station.  Without power, the nuclear plant is at serious risk. If the dam in Zaporizhzhia is breached, there could be severe flooding similar to last June when the Kakhovka dam, further south, was destroyed. That was a huge environmental disaster.   There have been blackouts all over the country.  Electricity for over one million people is completely off.  


"We pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Christ there, for our colleagues and friends throughout the nation.  The seminary buildings and adjoining church facilities have not been hit as of this writing.  We pray that this would come to an end."

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.





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