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Update: Ukraine Crisis Fund

We are grateful to have received $6,600 for the Ukraine Crisis Fund (as of the end of April). Thank you for your giving! This offering is still open if you would like to participate.

We received word from a man connected with the Bible college. He wrote, “Several ZBS families left Zaporizhzhia for Western Ukraine where it is quieter and safer, at least for now. A couple of the men sent their wives and children to Poland for safety. The other ZBS families remain in Zaporizhzhia and help at local churches. Churches send convoys to cities that are under attack to take displaced people to Zaporozhye. The people are given food and a place to sleep until transportation to Western Ukraine can be arranged for them. There are not hundreds, but thousands of displaced people who are passing through Zaporizhzhia regularly. It is all very tense and frightening for the people. They are grateful for your prayers.”



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