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Seven churches in eight years. The story of ministry in Ghana is a story of the power and leadership of God. Now, a new chapter is opening, focusing on leadership training.

The ministry in Ghana began when Jere & Ruth Ann Gowin moved to Ghana in September 2008. Eventually they spent most of their time evangelizing area villages. God blessed, and they were able to plant churches in five villages that had no church. The Gowins returned to the States in 2013.



In 2016, Oleta (Witt) Korah moved to Ghana. As a registered nurse, her first passion was to use Community Health Evangelism as a means to train villagers about proper hygiene and health practices, as well as share about the love of Christ.

While that remained a facet of her ministry, in 2018 her emphasis changed to leadership training. The village churches were relying on drive-in pastors from town. Oleta and the Ghana ministry team realized the necessity of training village leaders to be able to pastor their own congregations and thereby establish and strengthen the churches.

Oleta returned to the States in October of 2018 after successfully guiding the organization through a period of transition.

We are grateful for George Korah, who served alongside Oleta as a part of the ministry team. He is now serving as director of Cornerstone Church of God (Holiness). He continues training future leaders through Building Healthy Leaders courses. Pastor George is pictured, second from the right, with some of his future leaders in training at the 2021 Convention.

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