What began in 1945 with a missionary couple and outdoor services has now expanded into a self-governing, growing church organization.  Our last resident missionaries left the field in 2003.

Through the work of many faithful missionaries and dedicated Bolivians under God’s direction, the Iglesia Evangelica de Dios Boliviana (IEDB) is now comprised of about 205 churches.  Their president is Hector Ali.

President Hector Ali
President Hector Ali
Mt Huayna Potosi
Mt Huayna Potosi
Easter Junta 2018
Easter Junta 2018
Nueva Vida
Nueva Vida


Oather & Ruth Perkinson, 1945-46

Homer & Elvira Firestone, 1946-63

Evalyn (Herndon) Rose, 1950-59

T. C. & Evalyn, 1960-61

Ed & Joan Rodman, 1951-76

Lois (Durkee) Bardales, 1952-55

Philip & Esther Urquiola, 1960-78

Leland & Mary Trussell, 1961-73

Judith Nordlinger, 1966-69

Lyle & Joann Parker, 1967-84

Paul & Lois Confer, 1983-2003

Joe & Faith Trussell, 1986-93

William & Bertie Wilkerson, 1988-90

Titus Teed, 1997-2003