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   The work of the Church of God (Holiness) in Jamaica began in 1932, and over the years, 29 missionaries have served in Jamaica.
   The nine churches have about 230 members.
   Jamaica Holiness Bible College began in 2006. This was a continuation of Venture Bible College that had operated for many years in the past. Plans are to add training facilities to the church at 143 East St., Kingston. The college is currently registered by the Ministry of Education, Kingston, and future plans include seeking accreditation from the Caribbean Evangelical Association and the University of the West Indies.


Velma Carrier, 1948-1950

David & Lucile Mauck, 1946-1963

Dale & Ilene Yocum, 1951-1952, 1957-1958

L. J. & Bernice Watkins, 1953-1954

Ray L. & Mary Kimbrough, 1953-1955

Florence Wilkerson, 1954-1968

Ray & Lavena Crooks, 1955-1960, 1963-1966

Ruth Rodgers, 1956-1959

Juanita Walden, 1965-1966

Naomi Collins, 1965-1969

Wayne & Mary Lou Sams, 1968-1972

Ray & Sharon Mauck, 1969-1983

Robert E. Thompson, 1974-1976

Joe & Sherrel Dodson, 1979-1986

Gordon & Nancy Snider, 1986-1988

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