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Eastern Caribbean

   During World War II, a man by the name of Ira Hamm worked at a U.S. Military Base in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.  His home, however, was in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands.
   Through what may have seemed chance at the time, Mr. Hamm found a copy of The Church Herald and Holiness Banner in a trash can.  Realizing his beliefs matched what he read, he wrote the editor, telling about a group of believers on Virgin Gorda.  Through this contact, R. L. Kimbrough visited Virgin Gorda in 1947 and held services outdoors under a loblolly tree.
   Over seventy years later, the results of this contact are many: eight churches, two missions, and three Christian schools are operating on seven islands.  Due to the work of many faithful missionaries in the past and many faithful local leaders today, God's Word is still being proclaimed in the Eastern Caribbean. Other ministries, such as Youth Camp, Caribbean Bible Institute, and talent competitions are also held.
  Dr. Steve Lennard currently serves as Eastern Caribbean Council Overseer.

   In September of 2017, two hurricanes, Irma and Maria, battered the Caribbean, bringing much devastation, the effects of which lasted for months. The overwhelming generosity of many supporters allowed us to send over $35,000 in aid to the churches.



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The Valley church new after hurricane Irma
The Valley church new after hurricane Irma

North Sound, Virgin Gorda

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Leon George and Philip Gumbs
Leon George and Philip Gumbs
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Ebenezer Valley Youth Camp
Ebenezer Valley Youth Camp
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Virgin Islands

H.C. & Hephzibah Dixon, 1955-70

Russell & Idabelle Dothage, 1965-67, 1972-75

Robert  W. & Lucille Thompson, 1967-71

Donna Triplett, 1967-69

Naomi Collins, 1969-71, 1972-77

Florence Wilkerson, 1969-71

Judith Nordlinger, 1969-72

William & Linda Hayton, 1969-83

Robert & Sarah Clark, 1971-72

Lonnie & Leta Witt, 1972-74

Bobby & Judy Carey, 1974-75

Mary Dixon, 1975-76

Renita Coffman, 1976-77


Kenneth & Betty Peterson, 1976-81

Ruth Rodgers, 1976-78

Ruth Jarrell, 1977-81

Burl & Peggy Young, 1978-79

Lois Query, 1980-1981

Penny Crooks, 1981-82

Shirley (Womack) Gordon, 1977-85



Anguilla, BWI

Lonnie & Leta Witt, 1974-79

Burl Young, 1979-83

Russell & Idabelle Dothage, 1984-86

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