The ministry of the Church of God (Holiness) in Haiti has expanded to 12 churches and 6 Christian schools.
   A Foodbank program exists to feed school children and sometimes provides the best meal a child eats in a day. 
   Pastor Jeudilus Noel is the National Director— a dedicated, educated, humble man of God. In the past, Anglo missionaries have also served: Mark and Linda Surbrook, 1967-1970; Florence Wilkerson, 1971-1975; Mervin and Judy Hershberger, 1975-1977; and Rodney and Heather Peterson, 1985-1986.

   It is World Missions' desire to enable the pastors and schools to become self-sufficient, providing not just a hand-out, but a hand UP.

Hand-UP Program

Educational Materials

Printed booklets will teach Haitians about such things as sanitation, cleanliness, etc.

Tithe Gardens & Orchards

Irrigation kits, agricultural tools, and plants will be provided so produce may be grown for income and the tithe of it may support the local pastor.

Goat Project

Goats and small livestock may be bred for food and income, which can be tithed to support local ministries.

Teachers & Leaders

Until teachers and church leaders are able to be more self-sustaining, 31 teachers and some pastors receive monthly support.