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Cayman Islands

Ministry of the Church of God (Holiness) in the Cayman Islands first began in 1932, when three traveling evangelists on a “West Indian tour” stopped over at Cayman Brac for two days and three nights.  Ministry on Grand Cayman began in the 1970s.

Through the work of many faithful missionaries and through the commitment of many Caymanians, three churches now thrive in the Cayman Islands—Spot Bay and Watering Place on Cayman Brac and Red Bay on Grand Cayman. One of the high points of their year is the annual Vacation Bible School.

Bob and Cinda Thompson pastored in Grand Cayman for 25 years.  Their ministry was very effective in reaching out to the community through the years. After the conclusion of their ministry, Sis. Anna Gracia Smith Joseph (Sis. Gracie) faithfully served as senior pastor from 2011-2018. 


David and Zenia Woods, along with their boys Joseph and Noah, moved to Cayman Brac in 2014 to pastor the people there. In 2018, they accepted the call to pastor the Red Bay church in Grand Cayman. In 2020, they returned to the United States.

David's parents, Gayle and Micki Woods, moved to Cayman Brac to pastor in the summer of 2018, where they continue leading the churches forward for the glory of God.


Cayman Brac

L. J. & Bernice Watkins, 1954-58, 1968-70

Arthur & Ruth Jarrell, 1958-65

Wayne & Joann Sumpter, 1966-68

Wayne & Mary Lou Sams, 1972

Robert & Donna Tate, 1975-76

Ed & Beverly Tatum, 1977-85, 1995-2000

Troy & Doris Moore, 1982-85

William & Bertie Wilkerson, 1985-88

Richard & Reva Payne, 1987-89

Ken & Betty Peterson, 1990-91

Phil & Debbie Query, 1991-93

Jere & Ruth Ann Gowin, 1993-95

David & Zenia Woods, 2014-2018

Gayle & Micki Woods, 2018-present

​Grand Cayman

Wayne & Mary Lou Sams, 1972-79

Russell & Idabelle Dothage, 1979-83

Ken & Betty Peterson, 1982-86

Bob & Cinda Thompson, 1986-2011

David & Zenia Woods, 2018-2020


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