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HHYC Compass Ministries

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World Missions is one of the partnering organizations with Harmony Hill Youth Camp’s Compass Ministries, providing short-term mission trip opportunities. Last month, two teams spent about two weeks in ministry. The first was led by Tim Scott, Compass Director, in Alaska. The second was led by Dorie Scofield and Leah Owens in the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Team spent the first week in Grand Cayman and the second in Cayman Brac with the Woods family. Some of their ministry activities included visiting and praying with shut-ins, painting stripes in the parking lot of the Red Bay church, and helping with a youth activity in the Brac.

Leah Owens, Anna Schaper, Mason Carpenter, Dorie Scofield, Carissa Dillon, and Jared Scofield

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