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Leadership Change in Ghana

Sometimes, a season of change happens suddenly. Such was the case for missionary Oleta Witt in 2018.

After assuming the position of director of Ghana ministries last year, Oleta immediately began training the assistant director, George Korah, to take the job. And, with God’s gracious help, the transition process went extremely well. After a brief visit to the U. S. last summer, Oleta returned to Ghana with a few more items on her to-do list. She checked them off quickly.

Pastor George (left) and Oleta Witt (right) stood last summer with George’s family and potential leaders of a village church.

As more of the leadership responsibility was placed in Pastor George’s hands, Oleta’s friends and fellow missionaries in Ghana, Victor and Charlotta Dadsen, advised that perhaps the leadership transition would be healthier if Oleta moved from the area and allowed Pastor George the chance to act more independently, while still maintaining communication with Oleta. Oleta tried to investigate other ministry opportunities outside of Wa, including medical missions, but doors did not seem to open for her.

There was also the matter of her Ghana visa. It was expiring in early November. If she wanted to stay in Ghana under more than a limited travel visa, she needed an organization to sponsor her; however, our church in Ghana did not have the necessary government paperwork to sponsor a foreign worker. Oleta knew from experience that something like this could be difficult to obtain.

More and more, she began to see that she could stay in communication with Pastor George from the U. S. almost as well as from elsewhere in Ghana. She came to the World Mission Board with her request to return home early.

The Board was pleased with Oleta’s work in bringing accountability and organization to our ministry, and she had full faith in Pastor George’s abilities. After consideration, they agreed to allow her to return a few months early.

Is Oleta still involved in the Ghana ministry?

The short answer is yes, although since January she no longer receives support from World Missions. She continues to maintain contact with Pastor George and serves as Director of Finance, helping George by preparing monthly financial reports. She is also planning a trip to Ghana later this year to evaluate the ministry and complete the transfer of leadership to him.

Oleta currently lives in the Kansas City area, working as an operating room nurse. But things are changing soon for her! After returning to the U. S., Oleta began dating Andrews, Pastor George’s brother who is attending graduate school in Ohio. Oleta and Andrews are now planning a wedding for May 25.

What about monthly gifts to Oleta’s ministry in Ghana?

Funds currently held in Oleta’s ministry account and funds that continue to come in from her donors remain designated for Ghana ministries. We continue to send monthly support for Pastor George’s work in the villages. However, if you are a current donor to Oleta’s ministry, you have some options, including continuing your donation, transferring to another ministry, or receiving a refund for Ghana donations made since January. Please contact us at 913-432-0303 or by email to let us know your decision.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We can see God’s hand at work, placing Oleta in Ghana at just the right time to provide the stability and direction the work needed. Now the work is in the capable hands of Pastor George. Please continue to pray for this young Church; as it faces trials, may it continue to grow for God’s glory. Thank you for your part in this! May God bless you for your generosity.

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