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Bolivian Pastors' Conference

Bolivian National Pastors' Conference scheduled for October 2019 was cancelled due to Presidential elections that left the nation in a social/political tsunami! The election results were not accepted by the populace, so a new round of elections are scheduled for the summer of 2020.

The postponed conference was rescheduled for the end of January and the beginning of February this year. The Bolivian Church was shaken from the political turmoil they had just lived through and were looking for "non-political" activism to be healing and bring healing to their countrymen and see them enter God's Kingdom; this Kingdom advances with the weapon of unconditional love to God and neighbor as yourself.

Pastor Philip Gumbs and wife, Cynthia, from Anguilla were the invited guests for this timely gathering. Their ministry was effective because they shared what they live, how they serve, and how their home operates; the Bolivian Church was so receptive. God gave Pastor Gumbs a word that he preached at two key gatherings that deeply convicted us and inspired us if we have a dream of being used of God like David was to a chosen nation. First of all you must "kill that lion" early in your Christian walk; then face & kill the terrifying bear in your life. Then facing, challenging, and taking on Goliath is not a heart-stopping task when you've taken on the hiding beasts in your life that will keep you from leadership and servanthood! You should have heard this message!

There were two more key days after the conference in Cochabamba and Santa Cruz where the regional leadership gathered to assess the journey they were on, the wheel that was moving them forward, and to identify the key spokes of that wheel that support where they intend to arrive. They discovered after hours of self-thought and objective analysis that the hub of the wheel wasn't what the hub should be, i.,e., "make disciples." They were able to see that "making disciples" had become a spoke in the wheel, but NOT the hub. We all left those intense meetings with clarity, energy, passion, and "next steps" to GET BACK TO THE BASICS again.

Thirteen intense but profitable days with lots of gratitude expressed for the time, the Word, and the heart that was shared. We three travelers felt we were the beneficiaries of touching an anointed church, an anointed leadership, and anointed laymen with unstoppable vision for the spiritual hunger all over this nation! God bless His Bolivian Church!


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