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Building Progress and Graduation in Myanmar

Building Progress

For the first time since it was started in 2000, Shiloh Bible College in Myanmar is getting its own, permanent location. The building project is underway, and it will soon have all the walls constructed for the four stories. These different floors will be for offices, classrooms, girls’ and boys’ dormitories, and a sanctuary for church services.

The next steps will be to complete the electricity, plumbing, doors, windows, and etc. Dr. Andrew Bawi Ceu asks for prayers that the necessary resources will be supplied.

Shiloh Bible College Graduation

Two students graduated from Shiloh Bible College in Myanmar this past February.

One of the graduates, Ms. Bawi Hem Sung,  has begun working in Pung Na Kung village in Mandalay Division. She is teaching kids and young people with the goal of planting a church. She joins the ranks of other graduates who are planting churches among the unreached.

In February, Dr. Ceu was able to visit a former SBC gradute, Khenpi, who lives in Shan State. He has been working there since 2008. He now has seven families who attend church, and he also helps 10 impoverished children with their education. As the Lord provides, he plans to build a church building for his congregation.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the ministries in Myanmar which continue in spite of military rule and civil war.





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