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Remembering Pastor Bukle

Bro. Kenrick O. Bukle, pastor in Tutu, St. Thomas, passed away on April 9, 2022. Bill Hayton, former missionary to the Eastern Caribbean and former Executive Secretary of World Missions, wrote of first meeting Pastor Bukle when he came to Kansas City College and Bible School in the 1960s. Once back in St. Thomas, Bro. Bukle served as pastor of the church and principal of the Academy as well. “There he served faithfully until his death,” Bro. Hayton wrote, “endearing himself to many besides his church and school family.”

Bro. Hayton spoke of Pastor Bukle’s commitment to God, his sense of humor and his helpful nature, as well as his love for his wife, Beverly, and their four daughters and grandchildren.

“Pastor Bukle was not just a colleague in the gospel but a personal friend as well.” Bro. Hayton added, “. . . He has joined the ranks of the triumphant church in heaven. Heaven is sounding sweeter all the time . . .”

Thank you for your prayers for Sis. Bukle and their family, as well as the church and school in St. Thomas.


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