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A New Direction

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Fresh ideas are often a real boost. A Wycliffe member recently relocated here to Buka from Africa, and she has brought with her many of the ideas that worked well there. We are excited to see new opportunities for training our translation team in the coming year.

If the proposed project happens, we could have the books of Genesis, Luke, & Jonah published, as well as audio recordings and the Jesus Film in the Solos language in less than five years. We are praying that everything comes together with the various partners and our regional administration team.

We are planning to begin training in the first part of 2013, so there is a lot to do in the meantime to build and prepare the team. The response recently from Larry’s awareness trips to neighboring villages has been encouraging, and more trips are planned. Keep praying that God will bring the right people together to translate His Word into Solos.

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