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Last evening, I sat waiting with three dear Africans in our church building in Qs. People were slowly arriving to our midweek service. Frances, who is completely blind, sat preparing the drum for use. Richard, the pastor who has glaucoma, was walking and praying. Deborah, an elderly lady whose eyes have dulled with age, sat gazing at the church lit by four light bulbs powered by our small generator.

A large African bat flew around the room, and it dawned upon me that each of us encountered and processed the animal in dramatically different ways. Frances could only detect its presence by sound, which none of the rest of us were capable of doing. Richard could catch mere glimpses of it when it flew directly in front of him since he has severe tunnel vision. Deborah’s old eyes could only squint and see the creature with fuzzy features. I saw it plainly ---or did I? We each had different perspectives of it, and we can only imagine how the bat’s radar imaging viewed us. A bat’s perspective is quite amazing and in ways superior to ours.


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