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Snider Scholarship Fund

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When Gordon and Nancy Snider returned to the United States from Ukraine in 2011, a scholarship fund was set up at Zaporozhye Bible College and Seminary to honor their 15 years of ministry there.

This year’s recipients are Maria and Anya, sisters who are first-year students in the missions program at ZBCS. Vladimir Degtyaryov, President of ZBCS, writes that the young ladies are “good students and dedicated Christians.” However, their home church is unable to assist them with their tuition.

As a part of a practical evangelism class at ZBCS, some students spent four days in Maria and Anya’s home village, spreading the gospel and also doing social work. The girls’ father is one of the unbelievers in the village.

Some funds have been sent for Maria and Anya’s tuition, mostly depleting designated funds on hand for this project. If you would like to help support these ladies and their tuition next school year, please send a gift designated “Snider Scholarship Fund” to PO Box 4711, Overland Park, KS 66204. You may also go to our website to donate:


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