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Love Your (Political) Enemies

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Over the last three years, the government of Myanmar has made democratic reforms, even allowing an election of officials in 2010.

Yet, the country still ranks 23rd out of 50 countries where Christian persecution is the highest, according to Open Doors’ 2014 World Watch List. In describing the country, this list states, “Being Burmese is synonymous with being Buddhist, and anyone who deviates from this heritage is viewed as a potential threat. Christians face pressure from extremist Buddhist movements and from the government, which tacitly supports them.” It goes on to say, “Churches are monitored, and sometimes closed. Christians are often caught in the crossfire between different ethnic groups and the army – dozens of Christians have been killed, and church buildings and homes destroyed.”

Against this backdrop of government control and military aggression, Pastor Andrew and two church planters are intentionally reaching out to the police and military.

John graduated from Shiloh Bible College in 2004, and for over seven years he has been ministering at a civil workers’ institute. Government officials such as policemen, firemen, and doctors come here to be trained, and John is working to see that many are having an opportunity to learn about the living God, as well.

Last December, Pastor Andrew helped Tial Cung start a new church in a village created for injured military personnel. Andrew was able to speak to over 60 non-Christians about being born again, and new believers were baptized. Out of 22 houses in the village, 11 were represented at the church dedication.

Andrew and his team are sharing the love of Jesus to those from all walks of life, and they are seeing “political enemies” become brothers and sisters in Christ.


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