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New School Building at Dos Palais

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Our school at Dos Palais, Haiti, served close to 400 students last school year, with all classes meeting in two rooms—the old church sanctuary and the new.

However, the Haitian government began warning last year that they could no longer use their current church building for classrooms during the week. If they did not move the classes out of the church, the school would be closed.

World Missions has partnered with our brothers and sisters at Dos Palais to see a new classroom building built. The work is underway, with church people volunteering to work for only half wages and everyone pitching in to carry rocks from the river for the foundation. Pastor Samson, the National Director, asks for prayer, as they must have the work completed by the end of February. Please also remember to pray for Pastor Roland, the leader of the congregation at Dos Palais.


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