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A Sunday in Ghana

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The village of Qgu is a good 2 ½ hours’ drive away from the city. The people have little in the way of health care or material possessions, but they have eagerly learned about Jesus.

This particular Sunday morning, five pale strangers attended church, to the fright of the babies and the warm welcome of the congregation. Ladies, dressed in bright colors with scarves wrapped around their heads, sat on wooden benches with the men and youths.

Only about two years before, there was no building. Only four years ago, there was no church at all or any Christians.

The people in this particular village are part of the Chakali tribe. The Joshua Project says that out of 7,690 Chakali in Ghana, only about 3% are Christians. That day four years ago when the chief gave permission for Jere Gowin to teach about God was history in the making. That night six months later when the “JESUS” film was shown to 700-900 people was eternal destiny forever changed for many.

Today, the crowd assembled as the bright, hot sun beat down on the metal roof. Some guests sat in plastic chairs at the front, facing the congregation.

Director Steve Elsey spoke about choices—God’s choice to send His Son, Jesus’ choice to give His life, and the choice we all must make to serve Him. Later, Steve learned that the local spiritual advisor was in attendance. What choice will he make about God’s Son?

The enemy is still at work, and many more villagers need to hear and place their trust in Jesus. Would you pray for Pastor Sammy and his helpers, George and Isaka, as they continue ministering in Ghana?


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