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A Blind Man's Funeral

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Frances chose to follow Jesus in spite of persecution from his Muslim father and brothers. He was blind, so Jere Gowin saw that he was trained as a weaver, but even then his life was not easy. Jere even obtained a Bible in Braille for him.

At one time, he strayed into the wrong crowd, but humbly returned, confessing his sins. He remained a faithful follower of Jesus and attended church until a few weeks ago, when in a tragic accident he was struck by a motorcycle and killed.

This was a new situation for the village of Qs: a Christian man with a Muslim family. How would the funeral be conducted? Out of respect, the family allowed a Christian funeral and burial. Pastor Isaka preached about Frances’ choice to become a child of God. For many villagers this was the first time they had heard the gospel; they were stunned with the message, as were people from surrounding villages. God is moving, even using the death of a young Christian man for His glory.


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