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Merry Christmas from the Doyles!

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It’s Christmas. It’s cold. Decorations and lights are all around. We will be with family this year. We are blessed.

In the middle of all the bustle of the season, we recall the humble and low-key first Christmas. The greatest event in history happened in a stable, with invitations only to the local shepherds. But what an event it was!

God became a human. He came to live a life of service and die a death of sacrifice. He did all this because He loves us.

This is definitely a time to celebrate! Jesus was born, the Christ, the Messiah! He came to save His people from sin. So give gifts, feast, sing praises, decorate, and spread cheer — a Savior is born!

Throwback Christmas: The first Christmas in our Tung village house back in 2012.

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