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Lighthouse Keepers

Dowload the July issue of Woods on a Mission.

Recently Pastor Woods decided to hike the Lighthouse Footpath, a trail that runs 2.5 miles between Peter’s Road in Spot Bay and the lighthouse on the bluff.

After climbing up past Peter’s Cave, he found a very nice, clear path. Soon, however, he came upon some workers who told him they had not finished clearing the way.

He continued on but eventually found the brush was so grown up one could only guess where the path ran from the slight part in it. Fortunately, he guessed right and eventually reached the


A couple of signs along the path tell an interesting story. In the early 1900s, generations of lighthouse keepers traveled this path to keep the light going. The first ones actually climbed the sheer bluff face. In the 1960s, however, an automatic light was installed. Now, the path is a tourist attraction.

Pastor Woods used this experience to challenge the men on Father’s Day to tend to their gospel lighthouse, to keep the path clear so others coming behind could know the way, and to take

responsibility to shine the Good News abroad.

Pray that God might help all the Church of God (Holiness) in Cayman Brac to rise to the challenge of shining God’s light in this sin-darkened world!

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