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A Life of Sacrifice

Download the May issue of The Harvest Times.

For over three decades, Frederick Fequiere has invested his life in the children of Dos Palais, Haiti. He and his wife, Marie Rose Anger, were willing to make this sacrifice, even as they raised two children of their own.

In Haiti, public school teachers make almost twice what teachers at our Christian school make. Yet, the teachers at our six schools are still willing to serve, and the results are clear: over 90% of our students pass the national exams, and at Dos Palais many students grow up to become members of our church, as well.

About 377 students in grades 1-8 are receiving an education with a Christian worldview at Dos Palais, and they also receive a noon meal. Frederick is the school’s director.

In 2014, changes in government regulations meant that a new school building had to be built. This was accomplished with God’s help.

Now, the government is requesting that one higher grade be added per year until the high school grades are complete. This means hiring more teachers, and high school teachers have more training and generally receive higher pay.

How is this possible? We believe God will make a way. Thank you for your prayers for Dos Palais.


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