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A Vital Ministry

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How important is Bible translation, really? If people have the Bible available in their second language—the one they speak in the marketplace—isn’t that good enough?

The Dukawa people in Nigeria had the Bible in Hausa but only recently have been able to compare it to a new translation in their heart language.

After pastoring for eight years and then reading the Dukawa translation, one man said, “I now realize that I misunderstood what the Hausa Bible was saying almost all of the time.”

Another person watched the “JESUS” film which had also recently been translated into Dukawa. That person shared, “We went to church for many years, but it wasn’t until we saw the “JESUS” film in our own language that we understood that Jesus died for our sins. We always thought he died because he did something wrong.”

The Dukawa Church has grown from about two congregations twenty years ago to over 200 today.

This is why the Doyles’ ministry in Papua New Guinea with Wycliffe is so valuable. Larry’s work as Senior Manager of Language Programs, as well as his continued oversight of the Solos translation project makes a difference!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Larry and Christy, Lawrance, Amaziah, and Jacob.

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