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Scenes from Papua New Guinea

Beginning in June, the Doyle family returned to the island of Buka for six weeks. This is the island where they spent the majority of their previous term in Papua New Guinea. This time, they are living at the translation center and acting as Center Managers. Larry is also working with the Solos translation team.

Buka Island* is a part of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, which lies east of the mainland of Papua New Guinea. The island is 32 miles long and, at its widest, is about 11 miles across. There is a mountain range on the western coast, and the rest of the island is primarily made of limestone.

Christy has posted pictures online of their family, the translation center, and the beautiful scenery.

Pray for the Doyles as they are preparing to return to Ukarumpa on the mainland.


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