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Haiti in the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

According to the UN, the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti may be the worst humanitarian disaster there since the 2010 earthquake. Over 350,000 people have been affected, and the death toll continues to climb, with Reuters estimating over 800 people are lost.

CNN reports that over 80% of people in Haiti in the areas hardest hit have lost their homes. Crops in the area have been devastated, and communication and travel from Port-au-Prince to the southwest has been difficult.

The widespread flooding from the storm brings about concerns that there will be new outbreaks of cholera.

An early report said that our pastor of the Malliard church at Les Cayes lost the roof to his house, and the church lost its roof, as well. We are waiting to hear more specifics.

We will be contributing toward this need. If you would like to give, click here. Thank you for your continued prayers.


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