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Highlights from Life on the Brac

Download the December issue of Woods on a Mission.

Celebrating our Seniors during Older Person's Month--October

Highlights from Life on the Brac

  • Zenia baked BBQ chicken in a fundraising effort to help a family put a new roof on their house.

  • Zenia’s newfound talent - painting! She exhibited several in an art festival held in October.

  • David participated in a Tea Party for seniors in October. The gathering was graced with a beautiful rainbow.

  • Joseph and Noah recently began swimming lessons. They also play football (soccer) two nights of the week.

  • Old Fashioned Night, October 31 - children and adults dressed up as Bible characters. Prizes were given to contestants and refreshments were served at the conclusion of the night.

  • David attended the Caribbean Conference in Jamaica, November 8-9.

  • Revival with Bob & Cinda Thompson, November 15-20

  • Both church locations are now wheelchair accessible.

  • On November 13, our church lifted morning services to participate in the community celebration of Remembrance Day.

  • Pray for our church family as we grieve the loss of Ralph Scott.

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