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Real Life, Real Struggles, Real Results

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Real Life Sometimes, people watching from afar see various glamorous aspects of the mission field and may think such a life is always fun and excitement. There are, for sure, various experiences the missionary may have that others may never have, but real life on the mission field is not necessarily thrilling all the time.

In Cayman Brac, if there is rough weather or a holiday , the barge which is used to supply the various grocery stores may not come. During the "winter" months the barge is often delayed, sometimes for two or three weeks at a time. When this happens, it becomes nearly impossible to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as milk (other than some extremely over-priced soy and almond milks; regular 2% milk costs at least $10 USD, regardless of supply).

Real life also means real work and workarounds. Just recently, Pastor David and Zenia Woods finished a four-week Bible study with a lady from one of the churches. Because of schedules, we did this Bible study on Friday nights during our typical family time. We appreciate our boys working with our schedule, but realize the importance of having a regular time just for family.

We are also excited for our upcoming baptism on the second Sunday of April!

Real life also means real fun! On the last Saturday of March, Cayman Brac held its 14th annual Agriculture Show, a big event showcasing farm produce and animals, crafts, paintings, school projects, entertainment and more. Pastor David was privileged this year to be part of the opening ceremony, offering a word of prayer. The boys especially enjoyed jumping in the bouncy castle, riding the mechanical bull, painting and more.

Joseph enjoyed riding the mechanical bull at the Agriculture Show.

Pastor David and Zenia viewed this event as an opportunity to be present in the community and to visit with various people. We also met the ONE other homeschooling family on the Brac!

Paul challenges us in Ephesians 6:10, "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might" (ESV). So we encourage ourselves in Christ, knowing that through his power we can be courageous and victorious.

Real Struggles

Christmas for the Woods family was a wonderful time, feeling God's blessing and joy as we celebrated the gift of God's son to the world.

Christmas caroling on Boxing Day

The days after Christmas, Zenia became ill. This illness lasted throughout January and February. Zenia had to visit the hospital for tests every 2-3 days. In January, the Woods even went to Grand Cayman for a week seeking medical help when Zenia was in excruciating pain. We were blessed to have Mom (Micki Woods) with us for two weeks.

Real Results

Zenia's illness was a great setback, but it did contain hidden blessings. Due to the fact that we spent so much time at the hospital during the first two months of this year, we were able to make new connections, visiting with people in the waiting room and developing relationships with various hospital workers. Furthermore, we were given a greater compassion for the chronically ill, seeing certain people at the hospital multiple times.

Over the 2+ years we have now served in Cayman Brac, we have also developed a deeper understanding of the culture and our hope is that this will make us more effective in ministry. Recently, Zenia preached at one of the churches, dealing very practically with the temptations Joseph faced as a slave and a prisoner in Egypt and what that looks like in this culture. Someone remarked afterwards that through this message, "You brought the Bible alive to Cayman Brac!"

The Woods family last December

Thank you to all those who sent their love and greetings during Christmastime! We truly appreciated your cards and gifts.

We also appreciate the care and support World Missions provided for us during Zenia's illness.

We thank God for how he is working in our lives and our ministry. Please pray for God's continued blessing and greater effectiveness.

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