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Minister's Conference

The Woods were privileged to attend this year’s Minister’s Conference. David and Zenia enjoyed visiting with family and friends they had not seen for a long time. Joseph and Noah enjoyed making new friends and eating ice cream for both lunch and dinner! The boys also enjoyed going to St. Louis Zoo on Saturday after the conference had ended.

While this short trip ended up being a very busy time, the messages on “Hope for the Hopeless” were an encouragement to our spirits! Please pray for us, that we may renew our hope in Christ and then share this hope with Cayman Brac.


At the beginning of this school year we received a call from the public high school. We were told of the desire to establish an Interschool Christian Fellowship in Cayman Brac. Would we be interested? With such an opportunity to minister to preteens and teenagers, we felt like we could only answer “YES!”

Pray for God’s blessing on these Bible studies: Thursdays from 12:20 - 12:50 p.m. And, will you pray for God’s blessing as we meet each week with spiritually needy young people?

Men's Meetings

Please pray for Pastor David as he works to establish a ministry to help men grow spiritually.

View the October issue of Woods on a Mission.

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