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Summer Ministry in Myanmar

Shiloh Bible College concludes its school year in February. But there are plans for other kinds of ministry in the intervening weeks before classes start again in June.

This year, Shiloh Bible College students are planning summer mission trips in Myanmar. Also during their summer months of March-May, Andrew Bawi Ceu and his helpers take their classes to students in another town, conducting Evangelism and Discipleship Training School to teach students to be soul winners.

The Buddhist Water Festival, April 12-17, takes place at the end of the dry season and at the end of their calendar year. The water symbolizes washing away the previous year’s sins and ill luck. What an opportune time to share about Living Water! The church people are planning a Gospel Camp again this year, preparing for 130 people to attend, including 50 non-Christians. Andrew Bawi Ceu asks for prayer for the salvation of souls during this event.

Download the February issue of The Harvest Times.

During last year’s Gospel Camp, 25 people were baptized, including 21 converts from Buddhism!


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