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2018 Ghana Convention

For some years now the Ghana mission had not had convention, and it was in the light of this that Oleta and I thought it necessary to have convention this year. We approached one of our churches to seek their consent to host the rest of the churches, and they agreed to it. We were happy for them, as it is one of the smallest churches. I was actually encouraged about their willingness for it.

This year’s convention, beginning December 30, saw a lot of people coming. We had about 200 people from all the churches with the youth making about 80%. Many unbelievers from the community also came to hear the Word of God.

Everything went well. We had a wonderful joint service, watched “JESUS” passion film together (after which four people gave their lives to Christ), shared testimonies, made friends and ate together. Leaders from all the churches were present, and we had a good meeting about the way forward for the ministry.

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