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A Birthday Dinner and VBS Prep

June 10th was the Queen’s birthday. Actually, it wasn’t—her birthday was April 21st. But in the Cayman Islands we have a national holiday on the second Monday of June to celebrate her birthday. We thought we ought to do something special for the Queen; so we had an indoor picnic at the Seaman’s Center. (It was too hot outside. Besides that, who likes getting bit by mosquitoes?) Close to fifty people came, and we had a wonderful time of eating and visiting. One thing that made this special was that quite a few friends and relatives who do not attend church came to celebrate with us.

A few of those who attended the dinner on June 10

This year we are going to do the “Athens” VBS published by Group. Leah and Rebekah Owens will be coming from the St. Charles COGH to help us. We are excited about the possibilities for that week. Please pray for us as we prepare for this special event. It will be held this year at the Spot Bay church, July 15-19. We are expecting between 85 and 100 kids. Last year a lot of kids came forward to pray to be saved. We would love to see that happen again this year. Our God is able!

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