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Myanmar Outreach

  • Five students graduated from Shiloh Bible College this year on February 18; five students graduated from Faith Bible Online School, as well. Of the five graduates from SBC, three were planning to move to various locations to plant churches. Please pray for Bran Sang Aung, Thaw Thaw, and Zi Ma Lay as they seek to reach souls with the good news of Christ.

  • Thingyan Festival is celebrated each year in Myanmar in mid-April. The four days are public holidays and end with the Buddhist New Year. This festival is characterized by throwing water, a custom originally carrying the idea of washing away one’s sins from the previous year, and its significance is tied closely to Buddhism. Rather than celebrate a Buddhist holiday, Andrew uses the dates to plan Water Festival Gospel Camp. This year, the church in Mandalay planned for two days of ministering to about 80 Sunday school children, April 10-11; two days for outreach to about 70 non-Christians, April 12-13; and two days to speak to about 90 young people, April 14-15. Five of our church planters were planning gospel camps during this time, as well.

  • Brother Andrew Bawi Ceu spent a week over Easter on a trip to visit John, a missionary who works among the Hmong people near the Thailand border. According to The Joshua Project, there are 12,000 Hmong people in Myanmar, and only 1% of them are Evangelical Christians; they are listed as an unreached people group. Andrew traveled with his son, Joshua, and a teacher from Shiloh Bible College, Van Thawng Thang. During their ministry from April 5-12, they saw three new converts baptized, and one marriage restored. “The risen Christ is preached, and God works,” Andrew wrote. “Hallelujah.”



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