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New Translators!

The Solos translation program has done some amazing work, but the past few years have been marked by more issues than progress.  There have been encouraging signs: a huge interest in starting a new team in Gagan village in the more populous part of the language area, new people wanting to join the Coastal team in Tung village, and a growing awareness of the need to promote language use and development as a key component of cultural preservation.

Larry just returned from a trip where he held a Language Committee Workshop in Gagan and worked with the translation team in Tung on the next steps of the translation process for some older translation work that has been on hold for quite some time.

The Committee Workshop is key, because these are the men and women who will be organizing the Translator Training Course (TTC1) that should happen between August and November this year in Gagan.  We were aiming to have between 12-15 new Solos translators, but now we’re hoping to add another 4 or so new translators from a neighboring language group, too! 

This TTC1 will be very challenging to pull together, both logistically and in terms of content preparation.  Pray that the right new translators join, and that we get the right team of teachers and mentors together to get these new Bible translators started on the right foot.



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